Saturday, September 25, 2010

Broil Mate - big mistake

I went to buy my first bbq in April of 2008.  I was told Broil Mate was good quality, lasts 10-15 years and I could buy it at Home Depot around the corner from my place at 10% off that weekend.  All was good, I had it delivered on April 19th. 
Fast forward to about a month ago, the handle had been loose and it gave leaving a very rusted nut and screw in the bbq.  I called the manufacturer and was asked how long I had the bbq and I said about two years and a new handle was sent to me.  I couldn't get the new handle on because the old nut and bolt wouldn't come off.  I called the manufacturer again, got a top of the bbq but I couldn't remove the old top because the hinges were completely rusted through.  Called the manufacturer again, was told to hold for the supervisor, was hung up on, then called back put through voicemail, called again about 5 times and kept getting voicemail and then the supervisor left for the day.  Started the whole thing again the next day and she asked me to email her the receipt which showed I'd owned the bbq for two years and 5 months and she emailed me back saying they were generous to send me the handle & top as parts are only under warranty for 2 years and they were doing nothing else.
I called Home Depot who told me they couldn't do anything but would pass my complaint to their Broil Mate representative, I haven't heard anything.
So here I sit with a completely useless bbq that is half assembled as I tried unsuccessfully to replace my parts.  And I live alone and have multiple sclerosis, so I'm guessing it's going to sit there like that for a very long time. 

Please heed my warning.  Never buy a Broil Mate, you're better off digging a whole in your backyard and putting some stones in it and cook on that, cheaper and it's not going to rust through in two years.